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Submitting your wine to Wine Orbit

You are guaranteed to receive an independently written wine review by a senior wine judge for wines rated above 3 stars or 80 points. You have an opportunity to submit non-commercial wine, i.e. barrel/tank samples, experimental wines, or imported samples, to be assessed for market potential. These wines may be reviewed for assessment purpose only, i.e. not published in Wine Orbit.
Entering Wines
Wine from any region and country can be entered any time. There is no restriction on the minimum quantity available. Tank or barrel samples are accepted as long as they are declared as such. For these wines, scores are given a limited range (for example 86-90). A previously entered wine can be re-entered at a later date. A wine that is not available for sale can be entered – e.g. museum, library, export-only or experimental wines. – but they must be declared as such. For commercially available wine, the sample submitted should be a ‘fair representation’ of ones currently on the market at the time of publication.

Entry fee per wine: NZ$34.00 including GST
If you wish to pay via PayPal (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) please click below: